Life’s Little Claps

Hope A.
2 min readFeb 1, 2021


The Journey Begins…

As I sit here in my loft with a million thoughts racing in my mind and an uncontrollable giddy smile on my face to have started a medium blog, I cannot help but think how many people around the world are doing the exact same thing this very instant. I wish I could clap for all of you and I wish you all get so much happiness out of your blogs.

So basically I am desperately seeking side hustles in life right now. I just found out yesterday that Medium pays per claps and thought I would start here and document all the side hustles that I try.

Medium was very simple to begin. Here are steps I took:

  1. Opened an account on
  2. chose a name (I am bit of an introvert so chose a pen name which I read is perfectly fine to do)
  3. came up with a username
  4. and Voila! Started writing

I am so scared. what if there are zero claps as I do not really know what to expect. But then again, life’s little claps come from within each and everyday. My heart is clapping for me right now as I go out of my comfort zone and put this out there for the world to read or not to read. In either case, this moment of excitement and the giddy smile makes it all worth it. So THANK YOU MEDIUM! Wishing you loads of good content and readers and members for decades and decades.

Anyone who stumbles across my blog, I feel just happy thinking about you. Who might you be and where may you be. Hope your heart claps for you too each and every day.

Time To Post and see what happens…